Raising awareness of mental health

Delivered to Primary and Secondary schools as well as Universities, METTLE uses the resources, brand and experience of The Harlequins Foundation to raise awareness, challenge the stigma of mental health whilst developing mental resilience in the young people involved.

The programme has a positive impact on young people’s self-confidence, wellbeing, decision making and mental resilience.

Foundation Coach (Adrian Silvester) said: “Coming back to Buckingham Primary School has been an absolute pleasure. METTLE is an important programme and one that we are immensely proud of. To hear how well the previous students are doing now is great and it’s clear that it’s made an impact”.


Every year one in four of us will experience a mental health problem and yet mental health is still something we find very difficult to talk about. If we can support young people at an early stage, we can help prevent the more severe problems adults experience. Sport is the perfect arena to tackle this stigma and we are delighted that Harlequins are taking the initiative and using their fantastic skills to support their local communities through sport and coaching.

Val Farmer

Chief Executive, Richmond Borough Mind


It has helped me with my confidence and I'm not afraid to share what I feel


It became easier because I used to get really stressed out but now I talk more and my problems fly out of my head and into the air


Very well resourced and professionally run. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions (teacher)


I learnt to speak out and not keep it in and open up and let it go and then it really helps stop bad feelings from bothering you all the time