RWC Sweepstake to raise funds for the Harlequins Foundation

The Rugby World Cup is starting on the 20th of September. We want you to get involved and support The Harlequins Foundation at the same time!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Cut out the team flags, fold and place in an envelope or bowl.
  2. Ask your friends or colleagues to donate £5 and pick a team at random.
  3. Keep a record (on the sheet provided) of who draws each country. Put it up where everyone can see!
  4. Let everyone know where and when you will be presenting the prize.
  5. Whoever draws the winning team keeps half the prize money or a prize of your choosing, whilst the rest is donated to The Harlequins Foundation.

Download our Harlequins Foundation RWC Charity Sweepstake here.
Download our Harlequins Foundation RWC Wall Chart here.

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