Meet The Chargers: Lucas George

Ahead of next summer’s International Mixed Ability Rugby Tournament, mixed ability rugby’s World Cup, we wanted to shine a light on The Chargers, a mixed-ability rugby team based in Surrey who The Harlequins Foundation helped establish.

We will be introducing you to some of the players, coaches, and volunteers who make up The Chargers working toward’s next year’s World Cup.

First up, is Lucas George!

1)  Introduce yourself: What is your name & age, and what is your role with The Chargers?

Name: Lucas George
Age: 19

2) How did you first get involved with The Chargers? What encouraged you to join the club?

The love of rugby and I was desperate to be able to play.

3) What do you enjoy most about The Chargers, and what are you most looking forward to learning/ doing/ trying as part of the team?

I just love playing. The team is small enough that we all get lots of help and guidance from the coaches and the team. We can learn to enjoy playing as a team without excess pressure.

4) What has been your favourite/ best experience of mixed-ability rugby so far?

Meeting and playing against other teams is brilliant.

5) What differences have you noticed in yourself/ your teammates/ your players/ the person you care for/ the club as a whole, as a result of playing with The Chargers?

My skills have improved. I’m getting better at playing as part of a team. The coaches and team flows much better as we are used to each other now.

6) What would you say to anyone interested in taking part in mixed-ability rugby/ starting their own mixed-ability rugby club?

Definitely do it. It helps all our skills. And I want to be a coach so it’s helped me learn that too.

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