Lesotho Rugby Academy

Lesotho Rugby Academy

On the back of Harlequins Foundation CEO Marc Leckie’s visit to Lesotho (a landlocked kingdom in South Africa) in January 2019, Harlequins began a 3-year partnership with the Lesotho Rugby Academy, providing core support as well as specifically funding two new coaching positions.

Also supported by Dolen Cymru and the Atlas Foundation, The Harlequins Foundation partnership ensures the Club can continue to improve the lives of young people in Lesotho through rugby.

Lesotho Rugby Academy will also join the Harlequins Foundation’s Rugby Young Leaders programme, which will connect Young Leaders involved in the sport around the world. In the future this will create opportunities for UK based Leaders to visit Lesotho and Basotho to visit the UK to share best practice in using rugby to change lives and inspire, enable and encourage young people to have a positive impact in their communities.

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