Why we need your support

The Harlequins Foundation is an independent charity that relies on donations and grants to deliver our work in the community. The more we can raise the more we can do, so your support is hugely important to us.

How your welcome donations can help change lives:

£ 25
  • pays for a non-contact headguard for one of our mixed-ability players
£ 40
  • pays for a Harlequins Foundation coach to provide a training session
£ 60
  • provides a young person with their first pair of rugby boots
£ 100
  • Provides a day's education for learners on our HITZ programme
£ 170
  • Funds a schoolteacher to gain their England Rugby Coaching award (Level 2)
£ 500
  • Pays for a two-day girls-only rugby camp with Harlequins Women
£ 1500
  • Provides a school with their first ever rugby kit
£ 2500
  • Enables 250 young girls to take part in a week-long rugby roadshow with Harlequins Women
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